Charitable Requests

Thank you for contacting Bowery Bros Pub to be part of your event/activity.

Bowery Bros Pub is proud to be a contributor to many community events and activities. As a member of the Twin Ports business community, we believe it is important to support members of our community. We receive hundreds of requests on a monthly basis.

While all of your requests are important to us, we do have limited resources each year. Therefore, we have identified a process to ensure our contributions impact the largest number of community members.

Our charitable contributions are focused on:

• Supporting the health, education and well being of our Twin Ports community.
• Nonprofit organizations conducting fundraising activities to support members of our Twin Ports community

All requests need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Write a request on your organization´s letterhead, being specific about how you would like Bowery Bros Pub to participate. Include the date(s) of the event, the purpose and a copy of your 501(c)3 status. Include your name, address, and daytime phone number (also give a contact person if other than yourself). Email requests to: or drop off the completed request form at 505 W. Superior Street.

Step 2: In most cases you will receive a response within two weeks.

Please note, although important, we are unable to contribute to:

• Individuals (We give to and support many organizations that help individuals.)
• Third parties (For instance, fundraisers that benefit a charitable organization. We only give directly to the charitable organization.)
• Professional Seminars/Employee Recognition Activities
• Taxpayer–Supported Agencies